Unity HDRP & Megascans

The new High Defnition Render Pipeline of Unity in combination with photogrammetry assets from Quixel Megascans opens a whole new world of environment design.

Unfortunately, the Unity HDRP is still in a preview version and not yet completely released. Which means that most of the current Unity Shaders (Tree Shaders for example) are not supported. The full release of Unity HDRP will be in fall 2018.

Here are some screenshots of an environment I designed with help of Megascans and the preview version of Unity HDRP:


Project The Adventure of Time

The Adventure of Time is my personal school project I am currently working on. The Adventure of Time is a small open world RPG in a medieval-fantasy setting. The player has fallen accidentally in a time-hole and lands in this medieval world. He needs to figure out how to escape from this world. Many dangers and adventures are waiting for him.

The game design, development and level design will be completely made by myself. To realise this project in such a short time, I will use some assets from Unity Asset Store. However, there  will also be some 3D models made by myself.

Some facts about The Adventure of Time:

Project time: 6 weeks

Engine: Unity

Target plattform: Windows PC & VR

Perspective: First Person

Playtime: 2-3 hours

Map-size: ca 1.2 km²

 If you are interested in this project and you want to see some documents, footage or if you want acces to this game please contact me.


Medieval Level Design

Dwarfen Fort

Old great fort in the background of the scene.

Hidden corner inside the city.

One of many hidden corners in this scene.

Main road of the city

The main road of the city.

Small Detail Grave

Another corner outside the city.

A medium-sized medieval level design made with Unity 5.


Duration: 15 hours


This level design contains a medieval wooden city with a small castle inside. If you explore the city, you are able to find many interesting spots and corners. Outside the city is a nordic forest and a small farm. The scene is surrounded by some high mountains with a great fort.

Perfect for a medieval First / Third-Person or Topdown Game.

Created with some assets of the Unity Asset Store.


More Projects soon - stay tuned!